Buy Immuni-Tea online

Buy Immuni-Tea online

Product Description – Shop Immuni-Tea online

Shop Immuni-Tea online: Immuni-Tea is an effective mixture of Elderberry, Açaí Berry and our Special Aged Yerba Matè. Elderberry is an powerful immune booster and Açaí is a cognitive enhancer to assist hold your mind sharp in addition to an immune booster. Yerba Mate has all of the fitness blessings of matcha inexperienced tea (6x the immune boosting properties) and offers you an electricity increase like espresso without the jitters or the crash.  This is a favourite of ours and we assume you may agree. All of our tea blends are natural and truthful trade. 36servings in keeping with container. This is free leaf tea in an amber glass reusable jar.

About this product

Boosts your immunity and temper clearly with Immuni-Tea, robust mushroom tea in Canada!

This natural Psilocybin-infused natural tea looks after your wellbeing on many degrees so you are healthy, satisfied and centered. Shop Immuni-Tea online

Four hundred mg of Psilocybin in every tea-bag ensures a hint of magic to your day by day activities. Stay lively exploring the sector round you, or locate internal readability withinside the coziness of your home. It is a calibrated dose for an extended nation of being, wherein you could barely sense the psychedelic realm and be withinside the float at some stage in the day.

Please note: Our tea blends have a natural, earthy taste, as our aim is to infuse them with the only and natural herbs that paintings synergistically with Psilocybin. Feel loose to feature honey and/or lemon for taste. Shop Immuni-Tea online

Ingredients: Organic Nettle leaf, natural Red Clover blossoms, natural Elder berries, natural Alfalfa leaf, natural Red Clover herb, natural St. John’s Wort, natural Sage, natural Ginger root, Psilocybin (four hundred mg)

Suggested Use: Steep in warm water for 3-four mins.

Brewing Methods – Buy Immuni-Tea online


Bring fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil.


Pour 1 cup water over a tea bag in a cup. Steep four to six mins and get rid of bag.


Sweeten if preferred and enjoy.

Other Ingredients

Chamomile, Spearmint, Peppermint, Lemongrass and Tilia Flowers.

About this item

Orange Flavored Immuni-Tea with all herbal herbs and unique elements like Turmeric and Tulsi facilitates modify your digestive gadget and raise your frame’s defenses – 30 Sachets (3. 5g every)

Tulsi may be beneficial for helping our immune gadget and addressing situations like weight problems and dementia. Along with the opposite elements in Immuni-Tea, tulsi can paintings to assist your frame’s herbal immune responses. Shop Immuni-Tea online

Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-wealthy elements can also additionally assist your frame adapt to stressors and promotes desirable intestine bacteria, which can also additionally growth intestine fitness

100% all-herbal natural extracts and nutrients in a mixture. So, rip, sip, and be geared up for something existence throws at you! Shop Immuni-Tea online

Mix 1 sachet with as a minimum 16.nine fl. Oz Hot/Cold water. Take it at morning, midday or night, for fine practices take one sachet day by day

Additional Information – Shop Immuni-Tea online

Immunitea Herbal Relief Tea is synthetic the usage of most effective the subsequent elements withinside the training of the product (percent in very last product method base off of 2g unit degree of every natural tea bag content material incorporates the subsequent:

Active Ingredient(s)

Cinnamon 420mg, Ginger 420mg, Licorice 400mg, Holy Basil Leaf 360mg, Litsea Glutinosa Bark 340mg

Purpose- Shop Immuni-Tea online

Natural Immune Support Disgestive Aid, Menstrual/Diuretic, Cold/Cough

Natural Immune Support

Digestive Aid




Herbal Relief Tea to assist strengthens the immune gadget: to assist useful resource digestion, to assist in opposition to breathing problems that can additionally cause febrile states.

When Using

When the usage of this product Do now no longer devour after highly spiced meals or on an empty stomach. Strong natural/sour taste: can also additionally sweeten with honey. Shop Immuni-Tea online

Directions of use – Shop Immuni-Tea online

Take 1 half of cup of water. Add 1 Tea Bag. Boil the water at the side of the tea bag for 10 mins. Pour the water right into a cup and consume the nice and cozy tea. Sweeten with honey if preferred.

ADULT: Drink 2 instances a day, after a meal.

CHILD (11-15 years): Drink 1 cup a day, after a meal

Duration of Use: 7 days

Immuni-Tea has effective herbs which have been used for years to construct and guide the immune gadget, combat bacteria, sell healing, cleanse the lymphatic gadget, growth resistance to bronchitis, and detox and purify blood.  Add this tea day by day for the duration of bloodless and flu season for gold standard fitness.

Flavor profile: Light ginger. Slight hibsicus taste.  Immuni-tea is caffeine loose making it fun at any time of the day.

Final Notes – Shop Immuni-Tea online

The idea of “boosting” your immune gadget has lengthy been a famous one, however what’s the technological know-how at the back of it, and is there whatever you could do to present your immune gadget a supporting hand?

The immune gadget at a glance

The motive of the immune gadget is to defend our frame in opposition to disease. This manner now no longer most effective protecting it in opposition to invasion via way of means of bacteria, viruses, and parasites, however additionally gambling a critical function in wound healing, combating off cancer, and retaining a balanced inflammatory and anti-inflammatory environment – so it effectively acknowledges you as you and doesn’t assault itself (a situation called autoimmunity). Shop Immuni-Tea online

Your immune cells are the white blood cells to your frame, additionally called leukocytes. There are specific varieties of specialised leukocytes. These may be grossly divided into vast hands of the immune gadget- innate and adaptive.

The innate immune gadget is your frame’s nonspecific and primary line of defense, even as the adaptive immune gadget takes longer to paintings and objectives unique overseas invaders, has a reminiscence of preceding invaders, and is made from T cells and antibody-generating B cells. Shop Immuni-Tea online

So what are a number of the matters you could do to make sure those specialised cells are given their fine risk to defend your frame? Here are some approaches to take control. Shop Immuni-Tea online

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