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shroomdose logo. buy magic mushrooms online in canada.


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Magic mushrooms, aka psilocybin, have a long history of spiritual and therapeutic use dating back millennia. Cultures from around the world have relied on this medicine to heal, empower, and teach.

A renewed scientific interest is exploring the medicinal benefits of magic mushrooms for a host of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, alcoholism, addiction, mood disorders, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, OCD, BPD and many more.

For those new to the power of mushrooms, what can you expect?

Breakthrough experiences to process the past and enrich your future.

Rewiring of your brain to help overcome mental struggles.

Feeling of oneness, love, and connection. scroll through our website and Buy psilocybin chocolate, psilocybin gummies, psilocybin chocolate bar , mushroom strain.


Microdosing is a medicine designed to deliver therapeutic results without psychedelic effects. Our expertly formulated microdose stacks combine psilocybin with select medicinal ingredients to support creativity, focus, mood, and more

Curious about Microdosing, but not sure where to start? Whether you are a newbie or an experienced psychonaut, our team at Shroomdose is happy to assist you on your journey. Reach out to us directly ( We are here for you!


Enjoy all the benefits of magic mushrooms in a delicious and discreet format. Magic mushroom edibles make the journey a tasty one, from the very first bite.


Buy psychedelic mushrooms online for the best selection, quality, and patient care. From Golden Teacher to more exotic Cubensis and beyond, we supply a variety of strains to suit both the recreational day tripper and the therapeutic patient.

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Magic mushrooms are medicine, and we firmly believe it should be accessible to all who need it. Contact us about our compassionate pricing program for patients in need.

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We are a compassionate, friendly, and highly knowledgeable team dedicated to our customers. Our care team is well-trained in the realm of psychedelic healing. Email or Live Chat us to ask questions or share experiences.

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Shroomdose is a reputable online shroom dispensary, delivering magic straight into your mailbox. We are pleased to offer free express shipping on all orders above $120.

Our Shop offers several benefits. First and foremost is privacy. We value your discretion and ship all orders in discreet, plain packaging. Ordering psychedelic mushrooms online also opens up a world of possibilities, from mushroom edibles to microdose stacks to the finest selection of premium magic mushroom strains.

shroomdose logo. buy magic mushrooms online in canada.


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